August 2, 2020 Mustafa's Boxing

Mitt Work – Good or Bad?

PSA this is not me hating on anyone in particular. I’ve seen this done for years but I recently saw some kids in my gym doing this so I had to address it. A lot of things we may see on social media looks fun and exciting but in no way helps a fighter or means that they have skills or reflexes. Most of this stuff is choreographed. My guy here doesn’t have 1 amateur fight ,as a matter of fact he has only sparred maybe 5 times in his life, and he can do mitt work blindfolded with me looking at the camera. What is so special about this? Does this mean that he’s now a good fighter. Does this mean that I’m a good teacher? It’s something that has to be said and again not hating or throwing shade on anyone but on this social media culture that in my opinion is diluting boxing. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’m no authority or nothing. Just my opinion that I’m putting out there.


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