Everything I do is about developing fighters.

A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination and hard work.


The need for boxing gyms in urban America is necessary. I often get asked why I don’t relocate my gym to one of the more wealthy neighborhoods of Atlanta. There’s a reason why I always refuse. Boxing used to be called the poor man’s sport. Boxing is one of the cheapest sports to get involved in and in my opinion something that our communities needs very much. Neighborhoods that are full of crime. Full of fatherless kids and horrible role models. In boxing gyms the young people find all of that. They need a outlet for a lot of their angers and frustrations. They need something positive to do when they’re not in school because there’s so many negative things pulling at them on a daily basis. This is the reality of our neighborhoods.

Drug activity. Gang activity. Social media had been glorifying these things on a daily basis. And it’s truly a tug of war trying to keep our youngsters on the right path. I love my gym and I hope to be a staple here for many years to come. Not only to develop world class fighters but to more importantly show our youth that they don’t have to be a thug to be a man.

This is so much bigger than boxing .

Boxing is just a tool for me, I ended up doing close to 9 years in the penitentiary before the age of 27 because of bad decisions. If I can make a positive impact and connect with the youngsters through boxing, I’m good.

To truly be a great fighter, you must study film. My coaches taught me a lot and I am so grateful for what they gave me. But I have learned so much more from studying and breaking down different styles.


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